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May 27, 2016 | Hatec, Hatec Flex, Hatec Group

Hatec Group has proven close co-operation with our customers. Hatec Flex supplied two expansion joints with quality control and documentation 27 hours after being informed of the problem. The customer, an oil refinery in Rheinland, sustained a failure of two 30 years old DN 300 expansion joints made from special material. The failure of these expansion joints meant that the whole plant was put on a down time, so getting the expansion joints replaced was of critical importance. Below is a quote from the letter (translated from German) from the customer after successful installation:

“… This you have worked out very well…!
On behalf of my colleagues, I would like thank you very much for the role model and target-oriented cooperation, which I would never have taken for granted. Also I would like to make a big compliment to the colleagues, which have made it possible to implement our project in a very short time, and you can be very proud of such employees. I hope that future cooperation will not only comprise such quick-fix actions, although it has been great fun to work with such a reliable partner. In this sense I wish you and your team a quiet and relaxing weekend. ”


Hatec Group expands production capacity for expansion joints

April 29, 2015 | Hatec, Hatec Flex, Hatec Flex Suisse, Hatec Group, Hatec PL, Hatec USA

On Friday 24 of April 2015 Hatec Group has proudly inaugurated a new production facility for expansion joints. The celebration was made in form of a product show for customers. The last months an additional 650 sqm of top modern production area for production of compensators. With the pressforce of 1200 Tons and through pure hydralic formation, this is the largest press for this application world wide.



Hatec in cooperation with TOFLE CO., Inc

December 1, 2014 | Hatec, Hatec Flex, Hatec Flex Suisse, Hatec Group


TOFLE is a japanese company, recognized as the technology leader for advanced flexible elements and systems. They are active in different industries all over the world. TOFLE stands for premium products, top quality and innovative solutions.

Hatec Flex is developing the cooperation with TOFLE and has signed an agreement for exclusive sales in European Union and Switzerland. Together with TOFLE Hatec Flex will provide the market with metal hoses, metal hose assemblies, expansion joints and hose assemblies made of PTFE.

We are proud of the cooperation with TOFLE.

You can read more about TOFLE here.


Hatec Flex has a New Strategic Partner

September 30, 2014 | Hatec, Hatec Flex, Hatec Flex Suisse, Hatec Group

From 1st August 2014 we are cooperating with DINATECNICA, Brazil as a new exclusive partner for Hatec Flex.
DINATECNICA Ind. e Com. Ltda. Brazil and DINATECNICA SA, Argentina have been leading manufacturers of rubber, PTFE and metal expansion joints as well as metal hoses in South America for more than 40 years.

DINATECNICA products, in particular the rubber and PTFE expansion joints, allow Hatec Flex to offer solutions for different applications in industry, plant engineering and different piping technology.